Ambient Arkipelag @ Pimeän peitto raottuu festivaali

Perniön kirkko 12.9.2020 klo 20:30

Lupajantie 6, Perniö

Date City Venue
13/08/22 Raasepori Aletheia Fest
13/08/22 Raasepori Aletheia Fest
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13/08/22 Raasepori Aletheia Fest
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14/08/20 Sammatti KAEKUU Festival
27/07/19 Tenhola (Church) Ambient Arkipelag 2019
28/04/19 Parainen (Luola) Ambient Afternoon Kintsukuroi
20/04/19 Fiskars Ägräs Tap Room
19/01/19 Helsinki E:MF Helsinki 2019 Festival
22/12/18 Fiskars Ravintola Wärssy (Christmas Happy Hour)
22/09/18 Fiskars Equinox Ambience 2018
02/09/18 Parainen (Luola) Ambient Evening Cosplay edition
18/11/17 Parainen (Luola) Ambient Evening Lux
23/09/17 Fiskars Equinox Ambience 2017

Cajaste history

Cajaste was born back in 2010 from the idea of combining pictures of nature with ambient music.
I used to listen to Ambient music while being out in nature capturing images of all that I saw, the music was soothing for a restless soul.

Most of the time I had a hand recording device with me and captured the sounds of nature as I walked along. I think it’s fascinating to sample organic sounds and make mesmerizing fluent pad sounds out of them.

In my music you will hear interesting arpeggios and rytms as I combine the sounds of old analogue synthesizers, organic sounds and modern digital sounds to create the music just as I have done all along.

The soundscapes I wish to create are a mix of how I imagine our mysterious outer space and weightless underwater tunes we can all relate to. I try to create a state of relaxation for the listener that can not be explained with words or touched by hands, You need to feel it within.

Welcome along on my journey trough space and sound!


10330 Raasepori, Finland



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